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      And welcome to the "Cobb Experience"

      Cook Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

      Judged by TIME Magazine as one of the best international  investions of the year.

      Now cooking almost anything is easier than before. No fuss, no mess. Cooking with a Cobb is also safe, healthy,

      inexpensive, eco-friendly and a lot of fun.

      The amazing Cobb roasts and barbecues to perfection. Meat, poultry,

      fish abd seafood have never tasted so good from a barbecue.

      You can also bake bread, scones, pizzas, make soup, stews and pasta.

Getting started

  • Always keep your Cobb clean.
  • Do not leave hot fat or oil unattended. If overheating occurs, these could catch fire.
  • Always keep children away from the Cobb when in use.
  • Metal surface get hot.
  • Do not light the Cobb indoors.
  • When in use the area must be well ventilated.
  • Burning charcoal emits carbon monoxide-possible fire hazard, handle with care.


Lighting your Cobb  Using briquettes

The better the quality of the briquette, the better the results.


Do not use any form of liquid fuel.

      A. Place fire starter into fire chamber (4)

          Light fire starter

      B. Place fire grid (3) loaded with 6-10 briquettes on top of lit fire starter.

  • Use up to 10 briquettes for steak, chops, sausages and chicken pieces.
  • Use up to 10 briquettes for roast over 2 Kgs (4.4Lbs)

      C. Allow the coals to burn for 25-30 minutes until they are grey in colour.

      D. Only put on the grill grid (2) and the dome cover (1) after 30 min.

Option 2: Lighting your Cobble Stones
      A.   Remove the Cobble Stone from the wrapper – place Cobble Stone into the fire grid and light in the centre
           (no firelighter is required)
      B.  Wait 4-5 minutes to allow the Cobble Stone to stop smoking
      C.  Place grill grid onto Cobb and allow to warm up for 3 minutes.
           You are now ready to cook for over 2 hours


          NB! The size and weight of the food will determine the number of briquettes required as well as the length of time to cook.




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